Apps for Compressing MP4 Video Files

Apps for Compressing MP4 Video Files

There are many small, inexpensive digital video recorders available today. The majority of these camcorders produce MP4 files and these files can be relatively large; depending on the device and setting used, one minute of MP4 can be between 25 – 150 MB. We often need our files to be smaller – for posting online, for sharing with others, and for storage. This document reviews four free or low cost applications that can be used to compress video files. Note: This document is updated and reposted periodically, so please send me your suggestions.


2 Responses to Apps for Compressing MP4 Video Files

  1. Bill the Thrill says:

    Dear Larry, this is just about the best thing I’ve read on the internet this month. I was going nuts using Adobe Media Encoder- these options are so much smoother. Thanks for the assistance- trying to use Samsung Galaxy S2 footage in Adobe Premiere CS4 with offline/proxy editing.

    • exploringtech says:

      Thanks for the feedback Bill…I use Adobe media Encoder when i need very fine control, but MPEG Streamclip does a great job in those situations as well.

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